What are the Three Streams?

The term Three Streams comes from the convergence of three streams of Christian expression – Sacrament, Scripture, and Spirit – that brings full Biblical expression to our worship.

Three StreamsSchool of Theology


The Sacrament stream means we participate in practices such as regular communion, prepared prayers, reciting the creeds, and acknowledging the historic church calendar.

The Scripture stream speaks to our high value of the Bible teaching, evangelism, conversion, and water baptism by immersion.

The Spirit stream indicates our belief that the Holy Spirit’s manifestation gifts continue from the first church to today, allowing every believer to participate in the Spirit-filled life.

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Meet theFaculty & Instructors!

The culmination of years of thought, discussion, and hard work through Veritas led to the 2022 launch of the Three Streams School of Theology through Christ Is Love Church.



Classes are designed to require little or no homework; your presence and participation in class are the key to success.

Level 1

Veritas College, Module 1
Veritas College, Module 2
Veritas College, Module 3
Veritas College, Module 4
Systematic Theology 1
Church History

Participate in a Teaching Eucharist

Level 2

Systematic Theology 2
Holy Spirit
Old Testament, Level 2 course
New Testament, Level 2 course
Elective, to be determined
Elective, to be determined

Participate in Holy Spirit Seminar

Level 3

Theology, Level 3 course
Spiritual Formation
OT or NT, Level 3 course
Elective, to be determined
Elective, to be determined
Elective, to be determined

Participate in Spiritual heritage trip