Veritas College

TSST is one of the leading centers in the Southeast for teaching systematic Bible study in cooperation with Veritas College International.



The Veritas courses reveal the beauty and truth of the inspired Word of God. Lay leaders, church members and pastors can take a deep dive into the people, places, cultures and power of the living Word of God through a series of four Veritas learning modules divided into topical units taught by certified Veritas Facilitators. Participants better understand and experience God’s love and grace from participating in the Veritas classes.

Pastor Deborah Jackson is the main Facilitator and oversees all of the module training. Contact Pastor Deborah for more information on class schedules.

Students at library, Three Streams School of Theology in CIL Church in Hendersonville, TN

Meet theFaculty & Instructors!

The culmination of years of thought, discussion, and hard work through Veritas led to the 2022 launch of the Three Streams School of Theology through Christ Is Love Church.



Classes are designed to require little or no homework; your presence and participation in class are the key to success.

Level 1

Veritas College, Module 1
Veritas College, Module 2
Veritas College, Module 3
Veritas College, Module 4
Systematic Theology 1
Church History

Participate in a Teaching Eucharist

Level 2

Systematic Theology 2
Holy Spirit
Old Testament, Level 2 course
New Testament, Level 2 course
Elective, to be determined
Elective, to be determined

Participate in Holy Spirit Seminar

Level 3

Theology, Level 3 course
Spiritual Formation
OT or NT, Level 3 course
Elective, to be determined
Elective, to be determined
Elective, to be determined

Participate in Spiritual heritage trip